April 26, 2018 | Justin Thomas
Relocating to a new city is exciting, tough, sad, happy, stressful, and beautiful all at the same time. Even if you're mostly excited about the possibilities that await you at your new home, changing cities tends to be even more stressful than just moving across town. Familiarity breeds comfort, and by relocating to a different part of the country your familiarity barometer gets thrown off, which causes your comfort level to fall dramatically. This is why choosing the appropriate representation for your Louisville relocation is absolutely critical. Set aside the Louisville home search for a moment and think about what you will need in order to gain familiarity in your new setting and bring that comfort level back up. What's most important to you about your new city? What do you love about your former city? Schools? Church? Neighborhoods? Dining? Entertainment? Shopping? Parks and recreation? Events? Employers? Investment opportunities? There's a lot to consider. Your Realtor needs to be a trusted resource for all the above. That's where The Thomas Group comes in.
As Louisville natives, we have spent most of our lives in this city. We've seen it grow and change. We've watched Louisville develop a set of strengths that have put it on the map among some of the US giants. So, what are The Thomas Group's strengths when it comes to Louisville and all it has to offer?
  • First and foremost, we are your resource for market trends and extensive market knowledge in Jefferson County, Oldham County, Shelby County, Spencer County, and Bullitt County.
  • We are your resource for public and private school information.
  • We are your resource for local employer information.
  • We are your resource for individual neighborhood information.
  • We are your resource for Louisville's best attractions.
  • We are your resource for Louisville's best restaurants.
  • We are your resource for Louisville's best events.
  • We are your resource for Louisville's best mortgage lenders.
  • We are your resource for navigating Louisville's park system.
  • We are your resource for investing in Louisville real estate.
  • We are your resource for anything and everything that is LOUISVILLE!
You may or may not know much about Louisville. Either way, we want to shed light on what makes our hometown so special. Ask us. We can familiarize you with the parts of Louisville that you need for making this transition as smooth as possible.
Check out some of the resources that we have created to showcase the Louisville scene:
  • Highlands Home Place - Food and entertainment in Louisville with a special focus on the historic Highlands neighborhood.
  • St Matthews Home Place - Louisville news and information source with a special focus on the St Matthews area.
  • Visit our neighborhoods page to get a feel for the different areas around Louisville.
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